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Welcome to the START of your Dancer’s Pre-professional Dance Education Journey!!

Attendance and dedication to this program is expected.  Please proceed accordingly.


As a part of ADC

___ All students are required to purchase practice attire (see costume list for details)

___ CLASS ATTIRE-Please be sure to wear practice attire (Leotard, Shoes,tights,skirt) –Be sure to wear the correct leotard color issued this year.

HAIR should be pulled away from face and neck, no bracelets-necklace-dangle earrings.  

___ Tuition is 60.00 per month and is due by the 10TH day of each month.  This covers any regular scheduled practices and any additional performance practices.  A LATE FEE OF 10.00 WILL BE APPLIED IF NOT PAID BY THE 10TH  DAY OF THE MONTH **********

___ Return Check fee is 30.00

___ Tuition is required regardless of classes attended with the exception of students withdrawing from the program.  If you are out for an entire month please see Director for fee information.  Notices for withdrawal should be turned in with at least a 30 days notice.  Otherwise fees will continue to accrue.

___ Non-attendance for any month of scheduled dance will result in a 25.00 re-enrollment fee.

___ Photo Release/ By initialing you grant permission for ADC to use photographs of your child on your web site or any other official ADC publication.

___ At ADC we start classes on time, so please be courteous and arrive on time.—SEE 2ND PAGE FOR ALL ATTENDANCE REQUIREMENTS.

___ Costumes wear is required to participate in certain performances.  We order costumes wear 1 time per year to be used in 3-5 outside performances.

___ To assist parents with performance expenses we offer fundraisers twice a year.  Fundraisers are optional and designed to offer assistance with costumes and fees associated with performances.

___     There is a 10.00 late fee for dancers picked up more than 15 minutes late—)

All fees are non-refundable but can be applied in another area of ADC (see management) ---------RECITAL FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE


Regular attendance is extremely important to the success of EVERY dancer in Atlanta Dance Core. We are pushing for Perfect Attendance this Year. With that being said it’s imperative that you attend ALL practices, including the weekday practices. Please let the studio know if your child will not be in class.

  • Students should be in class on time, in proper attire.  Tights ‘no BIG holes or un-sightly rips please’, Skirts (shorts under if necessary) Ballet shoes(ADC version-no substitutes),Leotard.  HAIR pulled off face and neck, NO Necklaces,Bracelets, NO dangling earrings.

  • For the success of our ‘Winter and Spring Recital’ A dancer should not miss more than (3) CLASSES leading up to a Winter or Spring Show.  

  • Excessive absences may lead to our request for NON-Participation of the upcoming recital, OR cause your dancer to not be eligible to dance in certain scenes of the show.  Each class is designed to progress your dancer through a particular part of the RECITAL, it is very difficult to re-teach or place students in scenes after they are taught.  With this in mind please make sure to communicate emergency absences with MRS. T.

We appreciate your dedication and support to Atlanta Dance Core. We are looking forward to productive practices and a Perfect Attendance year :0)


Calondreia Taylor-Owner and Artistic Director

Associate Directors and your entire ADC STAFF

By signing this portion of the Policy and Procedure and Attendance Policy you state that you have read and agree to all items listed above.  You also understand that although you are not under contract you are expected to pay all fees due monthly.  Atlanta Dance Core must receive a 30 day notice for early withdrawal.  Fees will continue to accrue without proper notice.

I ALSO UNDERSTAND THAT DURING ‘RECITAL MONTH’S DECEMBER OR MAY class times may change and be increased as necessary.

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